The June Experience

kokblogSummer has finally introduced itself and we couldn’t be happier. The sun may be steaming, but that isn’t going to deter us from having all our fun. Earlier this month, our two chefs/owners, Mitch & Seth, were invited to the amazing Atlanta Food and Wine Festival as part of the featured talent. It’s not just any festival. It’s one of the biggest events in the food and wine industry in the United States. For us, especially our chefs, it’s a huge feat. Although it was their first year, they killed it. The feedback received from the fellow talent and fest goers was beyond spectacular. We can’t wait to be a part of it for the years to come!

We spent this last weekend in Birmingham, AL doing a pop up restaurant with some dear friends of ours. Stephen DeVries of Southern Living Magazine invited us to his studio apartment in downtown to be featured in the Swing Shift pop up series. The series is headed by Steva, owner of Saturn coffee shop/bar/lounge. We arrived Sunday afternoon at The Phoenix Building, Studio 410 and quickly turned the tiny loft kitchen into our creative workshop. Our formula? One cooler iced with ingredients, two innovative chefs, and a dedicated crew. And what a perfect formula it turned out to be. Our chefs created 4 decadent courses, each paired with a special beverage by Steva. The menu was one of savory heights, filled with fresh fruits & vegetables, fish, cured meat, and so much more. The best thing about our plates was that every ingredient used was 100% local. We do mean, 100%.

We reconnected with old friends and made a plethora of new ones. It was truly a beautiful learning experience for everyone involved. Along with Mitch & Seth, our crew included Megan, Mattie, and Jake. It could not have been a more perfect crew. And by crew, we mean family. We all traveled back to our homes in Tupelo, MS today with a strong pride intact for what we do and how we do it. Being a part of Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen & Neon Pig makes us some of the proudest people around. We are led by the best, and followed by the best. Only the best.

It’s been a busy month so far, but we’re not even close to slowing down. We’re just getting warmed up. Our bartender and our chef have their heads in the books and their minds going full force. Crashing into progressive creativity is the current objective. So, Get Ready. Cause you are not going to want to miss what’s in store for KOK & Neon Pig.

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