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koksignOur 140 year old building is located in Historic Downtown Tupelo. We named KOK after Kermit’s Bakery, which was housed in this very spot for many years. Kermit’s Bakery made the bread and pastries and much more for the town of Tupelo. They even made Elvis Presley’s birthday cakes. Kermit and Clara lived upstairs. This was their life and now it is ours.

Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen is an ingredient, information, and farm based restaurant. We take local cows, pigs, chickens, vegetables, fruits, honey, butter, grits and so much more, and prepare them on our wood burning hearth grill. The grill was built locally by our friends at Hawkeye Industries. We also use a slew of local craftsmen to supply our restaurant, such as Midnight Pottery for our dishes, Kevin Gwiasda for our wood platters, Jake Holladay for our handmade knives, and many more.

Attention to detail is our philosophy. Everything we do involves a delicate process. Technique is our foundation. We concentrate on the smallest things like hand-shucking the perfect oyster, foraging honeysuckle for our infused whiskey, and visiting our local farmers. Our farmers have taught us that there are actually 52 seasons in a year. We follow this constant changing cycle which allows us to write our menus with a fresh and creative approach each week. This system guides us throughout the year and sets in motion a constant progression. After all, most of us who work here grew up on a some kind of farm and those farms have taught us more about cooking than the act of cooking itself.

Save Tupelo, Buy Local.

*Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen is owned and operated by Mitchell McCamey, Seth Copeland, and their mothers, Donna McCamey and Melanie Philpot.


Mon – Wed:  11am – 2pm

Thurs – Sat: 11am – 2pm / 5pm – 10pm






We break down our local meat in our own butcher’s shop: NEON PIG

The Neon Pig is our sister restuarant. The Pig is a local old school butcher shop, market, and restaurant. They process all of our local grass fed cows, heritage pigs, and free range chickens. The Pig also cures our bacon, sausage, country ham, etc. as well as supplies us with all of our custom burger grinds.

The Pig is the foundation for everything we do here. Having our own butcher shop allows us to source truly local ingredients and that has been revolutionary for us.






Click Here For Neon Pig Website